The Undertaker reveals what he would have done without wrestling

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The Undertaker reveals what he would have done without wrestling

The Undertaker is arguably one of the greatest wrestlers ever to appear in the WWE ring. His longevity and his dedication have helped to increase the company's popularity in every corner of the world. The Deadman ended his 30-year career last year at the Survivor Series, where he received a beautiful tribute from colleagues and insiders.

Barring sensational and unlikely twists, the Gravedigger's last match will therefore remain the spectacular 'Boneyard Match' against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. The 'Phenom' has undergone several surgeries over the years, many of which still affect his daily life today.

Recently, Taker said he needed new surgery on his right knee. Chances are very good that his name will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year. The ceremony will be held on the occasion of WrestleMania 38, which will take place in Texas (the state where he was born and raised).

Latest update on The Undertaker

In a long interview with Dallas Morning News, The Undertaker revealed what he would have liked to do if he hadn't become a wrestler. "I probably would have joined the army. As I have repeated several times, one of my great strengths has always been that of knowing perfectly my strengths and weaknesses.

I doubt that I would have had a very long career in professional basketball, while in the army I would have had a better chance of making it" - confided Taker. The Deadman has closed the doors to his eventual return to the ring in Mania: "There is a part of me that still wants to be ready for WrestleMania.

At the same time, it is now clear that I am no longer physically capable of being able to perform at a high level. I could get in the ring and play a match, but I wouldn't be able to give people what they expect of me. When you see The Undertaker, you expect to see a thrilling show.

I can no longer meet people's expectations. The passion is still intact, but my time in the ring is over." After three decades in WWE, The Undertaker decided to hang up his wrestling boots last year. The Deadman has since been working on various other projects outside of the company and even joined Cameo.

WWE has been struggling to get their ratings up over the past few weeks, but it's unlikely that the company has pushed the panic button and is looking for The Undertaker to make his return to wrestle once again.