Vince Russo speaks about Ember Moon

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Vince Russo speaks about Ember Moon

Just over a week ago, WWE carried out yet another wave of releases linked to the pandemic. The very harsh effects of the Coronavirus have also hit the wrestling business, brought to its knees due to the empty arenas and the subsequent crisis.

The Stamford-based federation has had to release a host of superstars over the past year and a half, including several behind-the-scenes insiders. The rise of All Elite Wrestling has certainly not helped Vince McMahon's company, which has seen two authentic phenomena of the caliber of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson steal from the competition.

Ember Moon was one of the fired athletes after spending six years in WWE. Nicknamed 'The War Goddess', her character has often been equated with a vampire or a werewolf. During a conversation on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo explained how the former NXT champion had no chance of making it to the main roster.

Vince Russo reflects on Ember Moon

“When Ember Moon first appeared on the main roster, it was immediately clear that she wasn't going to go very far. I myself said that she was introduced to the WWE Universe in too silly and childish a gimmick.

She looked like a mix between a werewolf and a vampire. No one understood her character well, but the blame doesn't have to fall on Ember. If people cannot understand the essence of the character, it is easy for them to be forgotten.

At the same time, if she was the first not to believe in that character, her stint could only end badly. From my point of view, Ember Moon should have shown character and spoke to the management in a straightforward manner.

If you are not convinced of what you are doing, it is necessary that you make it known,” analyzed Vince Russo. Ember's last match played in WWE ended with a defeat at the hands of Mandy Rose in the October 5th episode of NXT.

All that remains is to wish her a big good luck for the future. Wherever she goes from here, Ember Moon should be positioned as one of the top females in the world and deserves another reign as the NXT Women's Champion. Despite the setbacks she's suffered, Moon is still a valuable performer for WWE.

The Shenom has the physical skill and a fire that few wrestlers in the world possess. Her facial expressions and ability to "sell" herself to the audience are incredible. She's believable as both an athlete and an actress.