Becky Lynch discusses her future

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Becky Lynch discusses her future

One of the most prominent women of WWE's last few years, who currently holds a pivotal role in the McMahon-owned wrestling company rings, is Becky Lynch, current Raw Women's Champion of the WWE Monday night red show of the same name.

In recent years, since Becky took on the nickname of "The Man", WWE Universe fans have begun to idolize her as one of the best champions of the last decade, hailing her on live shows and on social media, supporting her day after day.

Together with the other three WWE Four Women and then Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley, Becky Lynch is one of the new female wrestlers of the twenty-first century, upon which WWE has built its women's sector, which in the last decade has experienced a real and its own rebirth, called "revolution / evolution", by WWE itself.

Apparently, however, according to many, Becky Lynch's future may be far from WWE cameras, as it ultimately was for The Rock or John Cena, with the legendary wrestlers starting their formidable acting careers before. everything in the McMahon rings, then moved on to Hollywood cameras.

In her last interview with her, the champion of the red show, she wanted to talk about this opportunity.

Becky Lynch on her future

When interviewed about his extra-wrestling projects, Becky Lynch answered questions from The Independent, also talking about Hollywood and the world of cinema, with Becky saying: "Fighting in the ring is what I love to do.

Now I love what I am doing. I love this business, where are they and these challenges. I like to put features and nuances into what I do. I studied theater, this is what helps me. There is something I would love to do when the wheels come to a stop.

Being involved in the world of entertainment, performing in general is what I love and honestly, that's the only thing I'm good at”. Speaking instead about John Cena and The Rock and their respective careers, Becky has said: "They are so generous with their time.

If I have a question or a problem or a concern or whatever they've been through too, they will be open and generous in helping me. When you get to that level, when you are so busy and still continue to listen to others, giving advice and help, what an incredible human being you must be." There was a point in time when The Man and The Queen were very close with each other.

In fact, Becky Lynch claims that they were best friends. But recent events have all but confirmed that this friendship does not exist anymore. In the same interview, Lynch answered a few quick questions and revealed that she does not trust Flair anymore. She also stated that, in terms of their relationship, things are "difficult" right now.