What will Von Wagner's role be?

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What will Von Wagner's role be?

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired on Friday night, when it was already Saturday in Italy, WWE aired several new content on its Friday night show, with a new face of the blue show making his debut in front of the cameras on the main roster, after a short period of switching to NXT 2.0.

We are talking about Von Wagner, a fairly anonymous character from the USA Network Tuesday night show, who had debuted in the NXT rings just a few weeks ago when WWE had thought of refreshing the whole environment of the federation's third brand, changing everything: from the format to the lights, passing through the arena of the Performance Center in Orlando, to the official colors of the roster.

However, everyone wondered what Von Wagner was doing in Adam Pearce's office, in the segment that saw the WWE official starring with Sami Zayn, in the last episode of the blue show, with Wagner who did not speak or do anything in front of the Smackdown cameras.

The latest news on Von Wagner

Von Wagner has been trained by Bloom, Ken Kennedy, and Brad Rheingans. Before entering the professional wrestling business, he used to play college football at the University of Central Florida.

He played as a tight end for the UFC Knights team from 2012-2016. According to reports from the reporters of the well-known American site, Ringside News, who spoke with several sources inside the WWE, Von Wagner has been transferred to the main roster, to act as a bodyguard of the official of the company, who later needed someone who defended him from the harassment of the company's Superstars.

After seeing him hit by two Brock Lesnar F-5s, in the rings of the blue show, WWE preferred to assign him a bodyguard who would increase the storyline that sees him involved as an authority figure against WWE Superstars, so as to do so.

become even more important on-screen. Although the involvement of Von Wagner has not yet been formalized by the McMahon company, the internal sources of the federation speak of a constant figure who will remain on the Smackdown TV screens for the next few weeks, so as to also grow his character in front of the WWE cameras.

The impressive physique of the athlete seems to have made the WWE management lean towards bring him on-screen in the main roster and then join him with Pearce, but that could change from one week to the next, given that lately Vince McMahon would be discarding several ideas, even once presented on stage, so we will have to wait and see.