Vince Russo pays tribute to Eva Marie

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Vince Russo pays tribute to Eva Marie

Eva Marie hasn't had a very brilliant career in WWE, despite always trying to get involved in the ring, but when the talent, for one thing, is lacking, you can't do much about it and the Divas period is over, now you fight seriously.

During her last run in WWE, the fuchsia-haired girl fought in seven matches, with the last one having her defeated at the hands of Doudrop, her former ally who, however, turned her back tired, on 20 September to Raw. "I think Eva Marie loves wrestling and I think this was one of her dreams.

I believe in all of that. But I hope now she is at the point where she knows' Listen, I'm a brand, I could be a spokesperson, I could be in the commercials, I might be in movies, I might argue. "There's so much she can do. I hope she's had enough of being made fun of by WWE" - Vince Russo said.

Vince Russo praises Eva Marie

According to Vince Russo, who is still a supporter of Eva Marie, the girl could do better for herself by devoting herself exclusively to the profession of acting. "Obviously, bro, she went out because she's on set, so she's making a movie and she's not been in WWE, and now she gets this news [of the firing].

I hope they are treating her like a star, I hope she is making a lot of money, and I hope she now understands that I have to leave." Surely it was quite clear to everyone how much easier it was for her to dedicate herself to the cinema or the world of gymnastics because probably the only one who ever made her do a good match was Bayley and even if a dismissal is never nice, let's say that she is lucky enough to fall on her feet, unlike other people who have dedicated their lives to wrestling or want to do it as their first job.

Surely this time Vince Russo is not completely wrong. Doudrop recently spoke to Matty Paddock of The Daily Star where she was able to reveal her thoughts on Eva Marie and Marie responded in the same fashion. Marie works as a heel on Monday Night RAW, but it appears that Doudrop's recent comments about her friend and on-screen rival have forced the star to publicly reveal that the duo has immense respect for each other off-screen.

"This is just the beginning for this incredible human being! She is a very special one," Eva wrote as part of a heartfelt tweet.