Bronson Reed makes a surprise debut in another company

Bronson Reed has shared a Twitter update to confirm that he has been released from WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Bronson Reed makes a surprise debut in another company

The one we all now know as Bronson Reed, now JONAH, debuted at NJPW Battle in the Valley, going face to face with IMPACT World Champion, Moose, who had just beaten Juice Robinson. Moose then walked out of the ring with JONAH lashing out at Robinson inflicting further damage on him with one of his powerful splashes, with David Finlay trying to protect his partner before being knocked down as well.

JONAH has that point took hold of the microphone saying that the chains have been released and the violence would begin. The athlete then tweeted the NJPW logo that read: "New destination in JONAHVERSE [JONAH UNIVERSE ed]." JONAH, at the time Bronson Reed, was fired from WWE on August 6, despite the fact that he also became a North American Champion at NXT and WWE was considering bringing him to the main roster.

What's next for Bronson Reed?

Bronson Reed seemed destined for a successful career but was overwhelmed by the policy of budget cuts. Speaking on Busted Open Radio some time ago, he revealed that he got a nice message from Shawn Michaels right after his firing.

“I got to speak to HBK immediately after my release from WWE. In fact, I was very surprised when I saw the message from him. He said to me: 'You have to show them that they made a serious mistake by letting you go. He always continues to work '

From what Shawn Michaels told me, he and Triple H didn't expect me to be fired either. We were already talking about some storylines for the future during the recording. The writers had plans for me until the end of the year, so it was a bolt from the blue for everyone." Luckily he now seems to have found a home elsewhere, but there was no doubt, he really has a lot of talent, like so many others released by WWE.

While talking to Sportskeeda's Rick Ucchino and Kevin Kellam, Jonah, as Reed is now known, opened up about wanting to face Joe in WWE. "I am always watching wrestling, so I'm looking out for opponents. There were obviously a few in WWE that I really wanted to work with.

Samoa Joe probably being the biggest one of them, which was probably on the books but didn't happen," Jonah said. He also listed a few names he would like to face outside of WWE, two of them being AEW's Miro and IMPACT's Moose.

"Outside of there (WWE), I have been watching IMPACT, I've been watching AEW, I've been watching New Japan, I've been watching the Indies as well. So I always see... I think styles make match-ups, so it's not always the big guy vs the big guy work, but there are a lot of big guys that I could have matches with.

Miro in AEW would be a great match-up for me, Moose in IMPACT is someone I'd like to get in the ring with and pretty much the whole New Japan roster," said Jonah.

Bronson Reed