WWE changed the SmackDown ending at the last minute

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WWE changed the SmackDown ending at the last minute

In the last weekly episode of Friday Night SmackDown, we saw Roman Reigns being beaten for DQ, by the Usos, by King Woods, in the match that was to ascertain who really would have had full power in the blue show rings, between the King of the Ring of the company and the Tribal Chief of McMahon.

If everyone was convinced that Roman Reigns had an easy life with Woods, many were shocked when Woods hit the Universal champion with his finisher from the ropes, with the Usos cousins who in order not to risk, immediately attacked King Woods, putting an end to the contest for disqualification.

Despite the fact that Xavier Woods was the winner, the Tribal Chief's lesser cousins still decided to crown the Universal champion at King of The Ring in Smackdown, stealing the crown of the king of the ring from Woods and placing it on the head of the Tribal Chief, with Smackdown closing.

WWE changed the SmackDown ending

Sonya Deville introduced the SmackDown Women's Team for Survivor Series after the show kicked off and newcomers Shotzi and Aliyah were selected for the team along with Shayna Baszler, Natalya, and Team Captain, Sasha Banks.

Apparently, both Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman had a meeting with Vince McMahon and other members of the creative team on Friday afternoon, according to what Ringside News revealed, to talk about what should have been staged at Smackdown, with the lineup which was then modified directly on-site, in the presence of the Chairman.

As reported by the journalists of the important American newspaper, in fact: "The storyline of the 'king' seems to have been changed at the last second as it was confirmed by the writers and producers who said how Roman and Heyman matched up with Vince around 5 pm and then the script was changed.

regarding the angle of the 'bent knee.' " We will see in the next episode of the blue show what will happen in this storyline, with Woods who will want to take back his crown in any way, which is due to him by right and with the Bloodline who will not take a step backwards from the one already done in the episodes previous.

Banks was dominating at the start before tagging in Aliyah as she made her SmackDown in-ring debut. Aliyah managed to reverse an attack from Baszler and tagged in Naomi who went after Shayna in the corner. Naomi was being isolated by Baszler and Natalya before she was sent into the barricades outside as we headed for a break.