The Undertaker Speaks About the Best Compliment a Wrestler Can Get

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The Undertaker Speaks About the Best Compliment a Wrestler Can Get

The Undertaker is a WWE legend and he revealed what he believes is the best compliment a superstar can get. He was with CW 33 in Dallas, Texas to promote WrestleMania 38. The Undertaker has worked as a heel and as a babyface in the WWE.

He used to get the right reaction from the crowd almost every time he stepped into the ring. He stated that the best compliment a wrestler can get from the fans is the right reaction. A babyface should receive cheers and a heel should receive boos.

The Undertaker Speaks About The Best Compliment a Wrestler Can Get

“You had to be able to do one of two things,” Undertaker said. “You either have to make people love you or you’ve got to make them hate you.

It doesn’t matter which one because they’re gonna pay money. They’re either going to pay to see you kick someone’s butt or they’re gonna pay money to see you get your butt kicked”. The Undertaker started comparing WrestleMania to the Super Bowl.

According to him, the ultimate goal of any professional wrestler is to be on the WrestleMania card. The Undertaker once held a record of 21-0 at WrestleMania. He ended his career with a WrestleMania record of 25-2. The Undertaker has been a big part of many WrestleMania events.

He has also main evented WrestleMania many times. “Wrestlemania is the equivalent to our industry as the Super Bowl is to the NFL,” Undertaker said. “You work your tail off all year so you’re on the card at Wrestlemania.

That’s kinda your first goal. ‘I want to be on the card at Wrestlemania.’ Ultimately, I think the greatest compliment that you can get is to be the Main Event at Wrestlemania”. According to many professional wrestling experts, The Undertaker is the best wrestling character of all time.

Even after a career that spanned nearly 30 years, he managed to keep his character fresh, and always got the perfect reaction from fans. He was also a very good wrestler and was also extremely good at cutting promos. The Undertaker retired from professional wrestling at WWE Survivor Series 2020.

He will undergo a few surgeries and is unlikely to appear at WrestleMania 38. it is also unlikely that he will ever wrestle inside a WWE ring even though many people wished to see him perform against legendary WCW wrestler Sting.