Sasha Banks Responds to Trish Stratus Wanting to Fight Her

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Sasha Banks Responds to Trish Stratus Wanting to Fight Her

Sasha Banks is one of the most popular WWE superstars in the world, and she spoke about Trish Stratus wanting to fight her. Sasha was a guest on The Kurt Angle Show. Trish recently revealed that she is open to fighting her in a WWE ring.

Banks responded to Trish by stating that she should contact Vince McMahon if she wants to fight her.

Sasha Banks Is Open To Fighting Trish Stratus Inside a WWE Ring

“I’m so glad to hear that she’s down,” Banks said.

“I know she’s booked and busy, I know that she’s a mother. But Trish again, whenever you are ready, give me a call. I’m best friends with Vince, I know that you’re not. I have his number on speed dial so if you need it, I can give you my number, you can text me if you have it or slide into my dm’s, I’ll let him know and we’ll make millions baby.

This is going to be the greatest match of all time so let’s do it, Trish. Get done with that work, put the kids to bed and come fight me”. Sasha Banks stated that she wants a match with Trish Stratus for a very long time.

Banks has shared a ring with Trish during the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble. Sasha then spoke about her other dream matches that she would like to have with other superstars. “I can’t wait to work with Rhea Ripley,” Banks said.

“I got a small taste at Survivor Series maybe 2 years ago and I’ll get another tease again next Sunday. I can’t wait to work with her, Toni Storm, I’m so excited to work with Shotzi [Blackheart]. And just women that I’ve been in the locker room with for a long time but still haven’t had a singles match, Natalya, we would kill it in the ring.

Naomi, Shayna Baszler, I love her style so I can’t wait to dive into my Kurt Angle takes and pull out some stuff that I can do on her. There’s just so many, I think top to bottom this is the best division that we’ve ever had”.

Sasha Banks is well-known for her amazing promo skills and unique move-set. She has also fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers. She is very well-known for her amazing feud with Charlotte Flair which helped the Women’s division in WWE substantially.