What happened to Sarray in WWE?


What happened to Sarray in WWE?

In recent weeks, several WWE Superstars have undergone some quite important changes in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, being moved from one roster to another, changing their name or being joined by some other athlete with whom to build new storylines in tag team and not.

in single. Especially at NXT, WWE wanted to bring about big changes, especially from the beginning of the "second" version of the show, when everything was changed in the third brand of the Stamford-based company, from the official colors to the format, passing through the set of lights, up to the modification of the Orlando Performance Center arena.

Since the beginning of this new era, several new Superstars have also been introduced, such as the one who landed in the last episode of Smackdown last week, Von Wagner, seen alongside Adam Pearce as his bodyguard. The appeal, however, is missing another great Japanese athlete who had recently seen a lot in the NXT rings, we are talking about Sarray.

With two quite shocking messages, Sarray has made it clear to the WWE Universe that in the next few weeks she will be absent from McMahon's TV screens for a break she herself wanted to take.

Latest update on Sarray

With messages whose tone is also quite worrying, the Japanese of the WWE communicated to everyone that she was back in Japan.

But let's see what the girl wrote on her official Twitter page about her: "Sarray is lost. Nothing I do works as planned. Because I can't win..." "Sarray is back in Japan. But don't worry I'll be back soon. Thank you all for your patience." Apparently, the Japanese would be taking a break, no one knows for what specific reason, with fans who have not yet figured out if everything is part of a WWE storyline or if Sarray really has any problems with his victories and his performance in the NXT rings.

We just have to wait for some updates in the next few hours, trying to understand if WWE is trying to carry out some kind of program with these statements or if behind all this there are problems for one of the most talented Japanese girls in the pro scene - world wrestling.

Regal liked the idea and asked Sarray if she wanted to face Stark. Sarray agreed to have Stark as her first opponent on the black and gold brand, making the match official. Sarray was pushed to her limits in an intense back and forth match but eventually won by pinning Stark after hitting her with a huge suplex.