Huge recognition for Roman Reigns

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Huge recognition for Roman Reigns

Make a Wish is a campaign through which several famous people from all over the world, including singers, actors, wrestlers and sportsmen in general, go to grant a wish to young people and children, who unfortunately have been put in front of them.

to the big challenges of life. The most important charity campaign in the world, in fact, has the objective of going to give unique emotions to these unfortunate children, who can thus fulfill their desire, to know their hero, then being able to go to meet more serene, each towards the own battle.

One of the greatest sportsmen who have distinguished themselves for this campaign is undoubtedly John Cena, who has come to fulfill hundreds and hundreds of these wishes, with fans who have embraced him all over the world, including children with cancer, adolescents with rare diseases and unfortunately also terminally ill.

In addition to the name of John Cena, in the last period also Roman Reigns, current Universal champion of the McMahon-owned wrestling company has been one of the most requested athletes among the children and adolescents of the make a Wish, with the fighter who despite playing at the moment the role of the heel in the WWE rings, however, it is much loved by fans, both big and small.

With some messages from the well-known overseas charity foundation, great compliments were paid to the WWE Universal Champion, who has now passed 400 days as a champion.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

Recently, Roman Reigns was also awarded an important award by the organisation.

"Make a Wish America honored Roman Reigns, JoJo Siwa, Night, Patrick Mahomes, Sean McLoughlin, Shawn Mendes, the Texas Rangers and TJ Oshie with the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award for playing a pivotal role in the Make a Wish mission.

These individuals and organizations have devoted their time, talent and significant influence to grant wishes and receive fundraising results for the largest wish organization, allowing many children to fulfill their wishes to help them fight.

their problems and to overcome very difficult times. WWE Superstar Roman Reigns inspired countless children with his confidence and courage both in and out of the ring, especially after the health problems and challenges he had to overcome.

As tough as his character in the ring maybe, he is nothing but kind and loves spending his time with children and their wishes. Roman was also incredibly generous with his willingness to participate in promotional videos and campaigns to help raise money to guarantee more wishes."