Matt Cardona talks about his likely return to WWE

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Matt Cardona talks about his likely return to WWE

Matt Cardona, also known in WWE as Zack Ryder, recently spoke to The Wrestling Inc. Daily. of his possible return to the Stamford-based federation. On AEW and WWE, Matt Cardona revealed: "I sometimes hear from Tony Khan, I had a conversation with him a couple of months ago.

But we have absolutely not talked about my return to AEW. I haven't even talked to WWE anymore. I love WWE, I love the time I have dedicated to them and I will always be grateful to them for my career. The one thing I wanted more than anything else was to become a WWE Superstar.

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have been able to make my podcast and be who I am right now. A return to WWE? Never say never, I don't know what the future has in store for me. If they want to take me to WrestleMania in Dallas to induct me into the Hall Of Fame, I can't help but be there.

I mean, it's WrestleMania, the best of all time, I became the intercontinental champion in that event. If they want to put me in the Hall Of Fame for it, since we're back in Dallas, I would definitely go there. As for the return there but no."

What's next for Matt Cardona?

On opportunities: "I always say, if you work hard and commit yourself, you will always be good for yourself, but if you don't, you will never be happy with yourself. You have to work and work harder and harder.

You have to create opportunities for yourself and you have to be always ready. Because if you have a lot of opportunities, fine, but if you don't, you better be ready for when you have that opportunity. Why can't you complain on the internet all day, when you fail, it's your fault.

You must always be ready." On his release from WWE, he revealed instead: "Everything happens as it happens. I wish I had left WWE long before I was released. I don't like living life looking to the past, I don't live in regret, it happens as it happens.

You know, 2011 was a hell of a year for me, but 2021 was extraordinary with so many ups and downs in between. This made me the man I am though, so I wouldn't change any of this." Matt Cardona's 15-year-long WWE career ended last year when he was released by the promotion.

Cardona never made it to the top in WWE, but he was successful as a mid-card act. He gained a major fan following in 2011, courtesy of his hit YouTube show, "Z! True Long Island Story." Cardona used to take frequent shots at WWE on his show for not pushing him.