Edge talks about his current situation in WWE

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Edge talks about his current situation in WWE

The WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge, on Busted Open Radio talked about how now he can no longer play the number of matches he did in the past and that he now needs more time to recover from match to match. Edge was forced to retire from WWE in 2011 due to cervical spinal stenosis.

It was the result of several injuries that the former WWE Champion picked up over the years, particularly from a neck injury that resulted in a cervical vertebral fusion.

Edge on his current status

On what he learned during this time: "I think what I have learned the most is taking care of myself.

Recovery takes longer now. I used to be able to fight every night, now it's not like that anymore. Now, after a match, I feel great, I might have one the next day, but it's pretty rare as a thing. It usually takes two or three weeks before he says, 'Ok, I'm fine, I can increase the number of my appearances in the ring.'

Cryotherapy that I didn't do before, stretching and yoga are all things I need now. "On the emotions of his return to the ring: "To have this opportunity to work in a whole new era is really fantastic. I arrived during the Attitude Era, then I was here during the Ruthless Aggression Era but I still hadn't got my hands on the talent of that era.

I said to myself it's great to work with all these talents. I was like, 'Ok, now I'm going to work with Rollins, Reigns and everyone else.' It's really exciting for me. I would be happy to be able to impart some of my knowledge to others, just as Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels did to me.

If I could do what they did with me, it would be a big win." Over his wife, Beth Phoenix, Edge concluded: "What he will never talk about is the fact that she is the best mom of all. In the midst of a pandemic that we have all had to deal with, she was truly extraordinary."

The Rated R Superstar spoke on WWE's Beyond the Ring to discuss the moment: "I remember he hit me with a forearm uppercut, and I bumped on the ladder and I heard a crack. I thought it was the ladder. I don't think I broke my neck there, but I think something gave there.

Through all of that, I knew I was having some of the best matches of my career, so you kinda don't think about it. Initially, I thought 'oh it's just a sore muscle or something.' Then I started to tingle a little bit, and something pinched in there, and then the tingling would get worse," said Edge.