Former WWE star pays tribute to Bryan Danielson

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Former WWE star pays tribute to Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson fought in WWE under the name 'Daniel Bryan' from 2010 to 2021, taking away the satisfaction of becoming a five-time world champion. Before joining the Stamford federation, the Aberdeen wrestler played in several companies on the independent circuit using both his real name and 'The American Dragon'

On February 8, 2016, he announced his retirement from wrestling at the age of 34 due to multiple concussions combined with an injury to the temporal-occipital area of ​​the brain. However, on March 20, 2018, he was declared eligible by WWE doctors to return to the ring.

On May 4, 2021, Bryan announced that his contract with WWE had expired and the parties were working to find a new deal. Contrary to expectations, Danielson decided to move to All Elite Wrestling in early September. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, EC3 had wonderful words for the former WWE Champion.

EC3 praises Bryan Danielson

AEW star Bryan Danielson recently took to Twitter to show his eagerness to fight NJPW legend Minoru Suzuki on the Buy-In of this week's AEW's Rampage. The news of AEW booking Bryan Danielson vs.

Minoru Suzuki has excited wrestling fans worldwide. The duo, both masters of their craft, are expected to put on a phenomenal performance for fans watching their match live via AEW's YouTube channel. “It is not true that I was trained to fight by Daniel Bryan, this is a hoax that has been circulating on the web for several years.

I repeat that it is absolutely false," began EC3. “Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work with Danielson and I have to admit that he is one of the best performers of all time. In the ring, he is a fantastic guy, knowledgeable and interesting.

You can talk to him about wrestling like any other topic. He has a truly incredible sense of humor and is a very pleasant person to converse with" - he added. On April 15, 2020, EC3 was sacked by WWE due to budget cuts related to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Recently, Bryan Danielson expressed his opinion on the WWE releases: “My opinion is that I wish they didn't, but I understand why. Profits tend to always be the most important thing for companies. I will always be grateful to Vince McMahon, I learned so much from him.

At the same time, company decisions can hurt people." After running down his contract in WWE, Bryan Danielson decided to join AEW, and he seems to be enjoying his time with the company. The former WWE superstar stated that Tony Khan's company was modernizing wrestling with their approach and added that their shows fit in nicely with the younger fans.