Jim Ross speaks about Edge

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Jim Ross speaks about Edge

In the last year and a half, we have witnessed the return of Edge, the WWE Hall of Famer of the McMahon-owned family, who had decided against his will to retire from wrestling struggled now 10 years ago, due to a very bad neck injury that would have could have caused severe damage to his spine in the event of a blow to that part of his body.

After 9 years of therapies, specialist visits and much more, the Rated R Superstar decided by mutual agreement with the doctors and Vince McMahon, to return to the WWE rings, surprisingly appearing in last year's Royal Rumble edition.

year, with the clamor and roar of the public in the arena, who welcomed him as in the best of dreams that come true. Initially, however, there were some possible clues that could have led Edge to the rings of WWE's rival company, All Elite Wrestling, with WWE hurrying to give the go-to-the-ring to the Rated R Superstar, for do not miss his umpteenth 90 piece, which later could have gone to fight for the competition, as did Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

During his time as WWE's Head of Talent Relations, Hall of Famer Jim Ross helped bring many amazing stars to the company. Among many others, Edge is just one example of a performer who thrived during JR's tenure. Though The Rated-R Superstar remains with WWE, Ross now works for AEW.

With this in mind, the legendary broadcaster recently explained that WWE is Edge's "home."

Jim Ross speaks about Edge

In the latest episode of his Grilling JR, the longtime McMahon-owned company's commentator, currently head of the AEW commentary team, Jim Ross, wanted to talk at length about Edge's decision to return to fight in WWE and not in AEW, with JR who in fact stated: "He has a real brand established in WWE, with the company now being a home to him.

He feels comfortable there. He has a really open and stable communication with Vince, which is a really important thing. What if I liked having it in AEW? Hell yes! Are you joking? Absolutely. But I think WWE, after all these years, is like home for him.

He is one of those who make a living from WWE. Would I like to see an Adam Copeland match in AEW someday? But more precisely, will it ever happen? I do not think so. It is very unlikely. But it would still be nice if he cooperated with us. Anyway, I understand why he did it and I think he made the right decision."