The latest releases have left WWE crew members in shock

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The latest releases have left WWE crew members in shock

Overnight WWE went on to release eight more athletes after the last few waves of the past few months, with fairly big names like John Morrison, Hit Row, or Tegan Nox, who still looked like they might have a great future in the ring and instead it was not so.

After seeing the last big wave of releases only in early November, with other big names that had already been released, such as Nia Jax, Karrion Kross and his Scarlett, Keith Lee and his Mia Yim or Franky Monet, wife of the fresh released John Morrison, it was thought that WWE would wait significantly longer before implementing the other corporate layoffs due to budget cuts and instead it did not.

According to reports from various sources online, it seems that these releases, close to the Survivor Series, have been much more destabilizing for those who remained in WWE, rather than for those who left.

The WWE crew remains destabilized by the releases

Top Dolla was in a fiery mood following his WWE release as he responded to reports that his recent behavior rubbed off backstage people in WWE the wrong way.

Top Dolla, along with Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott and Ashante 'Thee' Adonis, was released as part of WWE's latest budget cuts. This came after B-Fab was released earlier this month in early November. As stated in the last hours by the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, by the usual Andrew Zarian, a well-known overseas journalist, the crew of the Stamford-based federation would have been literally burned by these latest releases, much more by the timing of the thing, than by the fact in itself.

If for many it is now normal to see layoffs from WWE, which is going to cut all those Superstar names that it will not use in future storylines, for insiders instead, see releases close to a ppv, just a few hours first, it is a not indifferent destabilizing sign.

According to many sources inside WWE, reported by Zarian: "This was obviously something that none of us expected. Unfortunately, unfortunately, there are a lot of star players who will never get the chance to get off the bench and show what they're worth." Entire Hit Row, who didn't even get a chance on the main roster rings to show what they were worth, before being released.

In a recent feud with Jinder Mahal and his stooges, he released a rap song taking shots at the former WWE Champion that many people perceived as racist and offensive. Top Dolla proceeded to take the video down after the social media backlash towards his video.