Paul Heyman talks about AEW


Paul Heyman talks about AEW

All Elite Wrestling has been the protagonist of a vehement rise this year, thanks to the initiatives of Tony Khan and some top-notch additions. After months of speculation, AEW has in fact managed to hire two authentic monsters of this business as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

In the 'war' of ratings, AEW reassembled WWE and took over the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon's company only loses viewers and releases superstars. The big comebacks of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch have not helped to appease the ire of the fans.

The Survivor Series, the last major pay-per-view of 2021, will be staged on Sunday. Among the most anticipated protagonists is certainly Paul Heyman, who will be in the corner of Universal champion Roman Reigns. The 'Tribal Chief' will face WWE Champion Big E in a battle for brand supremacy.

Interviewed by Ariel Helwani for 'BT Sport', Heyman has once and for all expressed his opinion on AEW.

Paul Heyman opens up on AEW

“I have nothing against AEW, God bless them. I wish him the greatest possible success.

However, I'm certainly not their audience,” said Paul Heyman. “My personal opinion on their product is not that relevant. If I said they are exceptional, would anyone care? It would be a mere subjective judgment. They are not oriented towards me.

The same would be true if I said that they suck and that they are horrible. They shouldn't care about my opinion. It comes to mind when UFC president Dana White was criticizing WWE. No one cared about his opinion. All Elite Wrestling only has to be careful what the fans think.

AEW's goal is to serve them excellently and continue to expand its audience. The same concept applies to WWE. We need to find new fans and draw them in our direction. I also refer to people who have never followed professional wrestling” - he added.

Heyman thinks WWE should have more stars like Ali on their roster, who think into the future and bring something different to the table. While speaking to BT Sport's Ariel Helwani, he praised the 205 Live star. "Look at Mustafa Ali.

Mustafa Ali is one of the foremost talents in WWE. Why? Because he constantly pushes against boundaries. He is going to be a sensation. One day or the next, he's going to be. Why? Because he's not held the convention, he's not holding the, 'What's been done already.'

He looks and he says, 'This is what I can do in the next 36 months and nobody else is doing it.' We need more people like that," said Heyman.

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