Why does WWE keep changing Roman Reigns' angles?

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Why does WWE keep changing Roman Reigns' angles?

The most important storyline at the moment of Friday Night Smackdown and one could say also the most important of the whole McMahon-owned company, is undoubtedly the one that sees the universal champion of the federation, Roman Reigns and all his Bloodline as protagonist.

After teaming up with WWE Mad Genius Paul Heyman and lesser cousins, the Usos, Roman Reigns has strung together a streak of frightening victories, which have taken his reign as Universal Champion to more than 400 days, reaching an unprecedented heights seen in the last few years of WWE.

The Tribal Chief, in addition to having great on-screen power, using all the stable he has in his following, would also have great power in the WWE backstage, with him and Paul Heyman who in addition to playing a role in front of the cameras, who obviously have to act, would also have a huge weight on managerial and creative choices regarding their characters.

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Even in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired exactly a week ago, there were some changes of the last second, which led the main event to be changed just a few hours from the direct, with the same Roman Reigns and Heyman, who would be the architects of these changes.

As reported in the last few hours by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, in fact: "Regarding the reports of the Smackdown segment involving Reigns and Woods being changed on the day of the show, according to Ringside News, that's accurate, but it's still common and usual.

There were some changes to the angle between 4 and 6pm on show day, but it's a common thing that Reigns segments get changed as both Reigns and Lesnar change by mutual agreement with Heyman what they want to do, with Heyman being the common denominator with the ideas and news to bring to paper on the day of the show.

The idea was, however, to change things in order to build Reigns vs Big E using the New Day, since the match was not built at all, until Friday." Heyman believes he will only be a part of Reigns' stable for as long as he is able to contribute to The Tribal Chief's successes and relevance.

During his interview with Ariel Helwani, he explained that Reigns could eject him from the faction if he didn't add any value, but that was not the case with Brock Lesnar. "This wise man, this Special Counsel is terrified of Roman Reigns, frightened of him in every moment because I know I'm one misstep away at any moment from Superman Punching me or locking me in the Guillotine and leaving me for dead in the middle of the ring."