*Spoiler* WWE announces a special new match for Survivor Series

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*Spoiler* WWE announces a special new match for Survivor Series

During the night, the last episode of the blue Friday Night Smackdown show aired, which is the last episode of WWE TV tapings before the last Big Four event of the company, which will be Survivor Series and will be broadcast tomorrow night, November 21.

As every year, the Series show card will be almost entirely dedicated to the matches between the Raw and Smackdown rosters that will clash in various matches, between the Champion vs Champion matches, both for the absolute male champions and for as regards the champions of the relative rosters, both as regards the usual team matches, with the traditional Survivor Series match which, like every year, will be the masters also this year.

In the last episode of this night of Smackdown, however, the WWE wanted to announce through its official, Sonya Deville, another umpteenth dispute for the ppv, which will be dedicated to a historic fighter of the federation: The Rock.

Update on 2021 Survivor Series

During one of the segments of the blue show, Sonya Deville announced a 25-man Battle Royal for the Survivor Series, dedicated to The Rock's debut in the McMahon's company rings, which took place just 25 years ago, in the exact same pay-per-view, where among other things The Undertaker also debuted, just a few years earlier.

Although Rocky cannot be present for various business reasons (barring sensational surprises), WWE will still dedicate part of its programming to the anniversary of the debut of one of the most important protagonists in recent WWE history, with the character of The Rock.

which still remains one of the most loved and glorified by fans of the WWE Universe. At the moment, as reported by Deville, the only athlete officially confirmed for the contest is Sami Zayn, after the Canadian was ousted from the Raw vs Smackdown elimination match, for losing a match against Jeff Hardy, in the last episode of the show blue.

We'll see in the next few hours if more names are added to the contest or if WWE will present all 24 names of the surprise participants once it is time to stage the match. We could be in for a mini Shield reunion at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday.

The main event will feature WWE Champion Big E going one-on-one against Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The company's biggest babyface will battle the biggest heel in what will surely be a blockbuster match. As has been the case over the last year or so, it's highly unlikely that Roman Reigns will take the loss at Survivor Series.

However, it wouldn't be fair to have Big E lose clean to the Tribal Chief either. Instead, we could see some outside interference from Seth Rollins to protect Big E even if he loses.