*Spoiler* The latest Survivor Series participant revealed

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*Spoiler* The latest Survivor Series participant revealed

In the episode aired tonight of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to pull the strings of the construction of its last Big Four event of the year, or the historic ppv of the Survivor Series, one of the most historic paid events of McMahon, in which many great wrestlers have made their debut over the years, such as The Undertaker or The Rock.

Precisely to the latter, WWE wanted to dedicate a Battle Royal to 25 men, in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his debut, right at the Series, which will fall this year. At the moment, in the match announced on the night by Sonya Deville, the only certain participant is Sami Zayn.

In the episode of Smackdown, however, there was also the formalization of the last member of the blue team of the traditional Survivor Series match, with a hole that had remained empty since last week, when Sami Zayn had lost his match against Jeff Hardy, thus being ousted by Adam Pearce, from his match for the Series.

Survivor Series is one of WWE's major PPVs

A few hours before SmackDown, WWE had announced through its social pages, that a four-way fight would also be staged in the night, to identify the last member of the blue team for the Survivor Series.

Participating in the Fatal 4 Way match were Jinder Mahal, Cesaro, Sheamus and Ricochet. In a very open match, to tip the scales in favor of the Irish, we thought the newcomer to the blue show, Ridge Holland, who after weeks of segments in which he spoke of his admiration for the Celtic Warrior, he wanted to reach ringside to support his favorite.

Obviously, this arrival distracted some members of the match, such as Cesaro, who was immediately struck by the resounding Brogue Kick of the returning Sheamus, who thus graduated fifth and last member of the Smackown team for the Survivor Series, joining the already announced: Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Happy Corbin and King Woods.

Isn't it crazy that Survivor Series 2021 is just days away and yet, there seems to be no buzz, no sense of anticipation at all for the event? Hopefully, the pay-per-view itself has become such a yearly tradition that people tune in irrespective of the hype!

With that said, WWE needs to deliver on the grand stage. Survivor Series 2021 needs to wipe the slate clean with some good ol' fashioned sports entertainment, helping people forget that so many of their favorite superstars have been released. Some massive surprises will certainly help in this regard.