The Undertaker reveals the biggest compliment you can get in WWE

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The Undertaker reveals the biggest compliment you can get in WWE

One of the most impressive and important names in the history of WWE is certainly that of The Undertaker, historical "gravedigger" of the McMahon-owned family, who for 30 years has trod the rings of the Stamford-based company, staging various characters, including the most famous, important and loved by fans of the WWE Universe, is the Deadman.

After three long decades of career, The Undertaker decided to hang up his boots, right in the same ppv in which he made his debut and then at the Survivor Series, with 1990 which marked his debut and 2020 which marked his final retirement from wrestled wrestling.

In his latest interview, Undertaker also wanted to talk about a career in WWE in general, with the Deadman also revealing what is the greatest satisfaction one could have in the Stamford company's rings, throughout his career, namely the main event by Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker wrote wrestling history

In his latest interview with Tobin McDuff, The Undertaker wanted to talk about many things related to his long career in WWE, including Wrestlemania and the pride of having also been part of it in the position of the main event, with the Phenom that he said: "Wrestlemania is the NFL's equivalent of our Super Bowl industry.

You work all year pushing to be on the Wrestlemania card. That's your first WWE achievement. I want to be on the Wrestlemania card. Finally, I think the biggest compliment you can get is being in the Wrestlemania Main Event." The Undertaker, who staged a streak that lasted 21 years in the Wrestlemania rings, has also taken part in some main events of the Showcase of the Immortals, so he can speak from above about his great experience as well as life lived, with his role that once finished as active, could be fundamental for the new generations, if he started working as a trainer behind the scenes of the company.

The Undertaker once sustained a fractured orbital bone during a match against Mabel. The legendary superstar was ruled out for two months and had to wear a mask upon his return. According to Mo, Mabel was well-liked backstage even though a small number of superstars had issues working with him: “Nelson wasn’t a bad person.

He just had a bad reputation because one or two people got hurt, but it wasn’t one of those where everybody was like, ‘We hate this dude, the dude’s a freaking a**hole.’ Nah, he wasn’t that kind of person. He was a kind, gentle, sweetheart of a person,” he said.