Xavier Woods reveals the moment that changed his career

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Xavier Woods reveals the moment that changed his career

During his WWE career, he has always had secondary or marginal roles but Xavier Woods in recent months has literally exploded within the company of the McMahon family. The New Day member wrestler won the King of the Ring title and recently challenged WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

It all started with the birth of the New Day and Xavier, intercepted on the microphones of the Daily Star, recounted his feelings: "Before the birth of the New Day, my goal was just to find a way not to be fired. Here, let's say I wanted to do something.

It was Extreme Rules from 2014 and I was paired with R-truth in a Handicap Match against Rusev. In my heart, I thought that I had been in company for a month and I was not satisfied either creatively or mentally." The wrestler then continued: "When I got out of the development phase it was one of the hardest moments for me, it's true that I was happy to be out and to do certain things but in the long run I could.

I was in a really bad situation and I was struggling mentally too, so that night I went to Big E and explained to him how I was. He and I thought about it and evaluated this idea, we tried it and after various analyzes we decided it was a good thing."

Xavier Woods and his arrival in WWE

Footage has emerged of Xavier Woods' first reaction to reading WWE's company-wide message announcing the release of 8 wrestlers.

The two then decided to call Kofi Kingston and try to convince him to join his group. The wrestler continued: "We talked to Kofi, he was in a good moment in his career but in the end, we all opted for the New Day. We hoped that he would light up our careers and I must say that he went like this, he lit a fire inside all of us and in addition to this he made us have fun and that is also the basis of everything." It's been years now but New Day and its wrestlers all play a big part in Monday Night Raw or Smackdown.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that WWE had come to terms with the release of John Morrison, Isaiah Swerve Scott, Top Dolla, Ashante Adonis, Jaxson Ryker, Drake Maverick, and Tegan Nox. WrestlingInc would later reveal the email sent by John Lauritinis to the talent, informing them about the latest cuts.

You can read it below: Due to budgetary cuts, the following WWE talent were released today, November 18, 2021. John Morrison, Top Dolla, Ashante Adonis, Isaiah Swerve Scott, Tegan Nox, Drake Maverick, Shane Thorne, and Jaxson Ryker. Thank you, John Laurinaitis.