Becky Lynch reflects on her cinematic future

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Becky Lynch reflects on her cinematic future

The Becky Lynch and Marvel case is what could be defined, taking for example something else in the field of cinema: a series of unfortunate events. Because? Simply because The Man has been associated with the well-known comics brand for almost two years now, without actually concluding anything.

The latest news released is that connected to the filming of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which are underway these days, with the film that will make its debut in theaters in November 2022, obviously a sequel to the first film already released, with the late Chadwick Boseman.

Some photos from the set have been spread on the internet and one, in particular, has attracted everyone's attention: the one where you see a woman who has been introduced to everyone as Becky Lynch, who could be part of the cast of the film and officially kick-off to this collaboration.

But will it really be her?

Becky Lynch clarifies

According to Charlotte Flair, her friendship with Becky Lynch broke down because both women are fighting for the top spot in WWE’s women’s division. The former best friends are set to face each other in a Champion vs.

Champion match at Survivor Series on Sunday. Ahead of the pay-per-view, Lynch said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour that Flair has been jealous of her since she became a main-eventer in 2019. After making the web go crazy with this story, and we're talking about journalists who might even need a pair of glasses, the Irishman wanted to disprove everything with a simple meme.

In fact, on her Twitter account, the wrestler made a tweet with the photo from the film set and next to the famous meme of the two Spidermans who indicate each other, without writing anything in the description. This can easily be taken as a clear sign of how everyone was wrong in identifying that woman as Becky Lynch, also because she really is totally different from her.

Surely the time will come when Becky will join the Marvel Universe, especially because she loves acting and has already done some telefilms such as The Vikings, where she was a stunt-woman, or even Billions, where instead she appeared on the screen as if itself, not least because it inspired a character from one of the Marvel comics recently.

It is undeniable that a woman and athlete of her caliber is perfect for a role, either as a heroine or as a villain, but perhaps the latter suits Charlotte Flair more, who has never denied that she wanted this part in any film, even throwing some messages through her own costumes, like recently when we saw her as Cruella and to stay on the Marvel theme, Thanos and Venom.