Drew McIntyre Speaks About Ideal WrestleMania Present

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Drew McIntyre Speaks About Ideal WrestleMania Present

Drew McIntyre is one of WWE’s most popular wrestlers, and he spoke about his ideal WrestleMania plans on the Busted Open Radio. He also stated that he would like a World Title match with Roman Reigns, but he wants to wait for it as well.

Drew McIntyre is currently in his 2nd WWE Main Roster run. His first run wasn’t that good and he made a name for himself by working at Impact Wrestling.

Drew McIntyre Talks About What His Ideal WrestleMania Would Be Like

“I see myself in the title match with whoever is the champion at the time,” McIntyre admitted.

“Or, even better, I’m champion going into it. That’s where I want to be, that’s what I am working towards. In fantasy land, I don’t even want to be anywhere near Roman until then. He is such equity, he’s so high above everyone right now with the roll he’s been on.

“I just want to keep building, and building, and building. Get some significant feuds in there, some significant character building/re-building, and make the fans want that match,” he said. “Make it as big as possible, take Drew McIntyre to the level Roman’s at right now, and make that match on the biggest stage possible”.

Drew is to be a part of the Survivor Series PPV and he is focusing on that currently. His team is missing one member. Drew spoke about the person who he thinks should be a member of Team Smackdown to complete it. “I’m sure we will probably find out on show day.

I’ve heard Woods say that he should be captain because he’s King, I feel otherwise. I’m sure we are all going to have trouble doing that one thing we always talk about in WWE, co-existing. I have some suggestions of who I would like to be as the fifth member,” Drew McIntyre admitted.

You know, personally, I know he’s not been on TV for a while,” he said. “If I was going to suggest anybody, it’s the guy that I’m at odds with right now, that I’ve known forever. I always make the same joke because it’s true, ‘We traveled Europe and I was 19 and he was 43 at the time.’ He hits harder than anybody in WWE and us together on the same team would strike fear into any opponent, and that would be Sheamus that I would put in there”.