New details on Jeff Cobb's future

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New details on Jeff Cobb's future

Over the past few weeks and months, WWE has focused heavily on cuts and releases, leaving large chunks of its roster categories uncovered, eliminating numerous big names from NXT and its main roster. After the latest wave of layoffs that arrived just a few days ago, WWE does not seem to want to end this new policy of budget cuts, with which it is going to cut out the rosters of all three brands, not looking at anyone and thus eliminating all those wrestlers who seem not to have a prosperous future in front of McMahon's cameras.

On the other hand, however, WWE is also showcasing numerous new Superstars on its new NXT format, with multiple new faces that have been featured on the USA Network over the past few weeks and with some of them having even arrived already up to the main roster, like Von Wagner.

Apparently, the WWE, in its latest wave of new signings, also wanted to include a very well-known face of the American and Mexican independents, namely Jeff Cobb, also seen at Lucha Underground under the guise of Matanza Cueto, brother of the General Manager of the federation.

Apparently, one of the h*ttest free agents on the American market and not just pro-wrestling would have confirmed in his last interview how WWE made him several offers, even with a considerable amount of money, to be put under contract.

with the McMahons.

Backstage News on Jeff Cobb

In his last speech to the microphones of the All Real Wrestling Podcast, Jeff Cobb said: "I got contract offers from several other places but at the end of the games it was - you know how it is - I mean WWE offered me a contract.

A lot of money but, at the end of the game, you know - money also brings a lot of problems to deal with but ultimately, money doesn't make you happy so I wanted a job somewhere where I would feel included more and where I could have been happy.

You know, if I had gone to WWE, I wouldn't have been able to get random bookings on indies or if I wanted to stay out for a weekend or something, I couldn't have done it. New Japan, I love Japan. The culture is wonderful there and the wrestling style too, as you mentioned, I think I have more to do with them and I feel better at the same time, you know, New Japan would be my home and it's my home."

Former NXT Champion Karrion Kross, Keith Lee, and Nia Jax are among the list of names who were let go by WWE several days ago. The news of their releases sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, considering that many of them were top stars in the company.