Randy Orton approaches two historic WWE records

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Randy Orton approaches two historic WWE records

One of the names of the WWE athletes best known and most loved by WWE Universe fans in recent years is undoubtedly that of Randy Orton, McMahon's multiple world champion, who has had the best feuds with all the greatest athletes in the history of the company.

Living off WWE for almost 20 years, the Legend Killer has managed to write some really important pages of the last twenty years in the McMahon rings, setting up feuds and matches with WWE legends such as HBK, John Cena, The Undertaker, Triple H and many other sacred monsters, which very few other athletes could boast of.

The last great feud staged by The Viper was the one with the historical partner of the Rated RKO, Edge, with whom Orton had a feud that lasted about a year, immediately after his return to the Royal Rumble last year. But in addition to the great feuds and great matches, Randy Orton has also become the protagonist of great records, with the Legend Killer who will soon write his name in large letters in the history of WWE, both for the participation in the ppv of the company and for the matches staged on Monday Night Raw.

What's next for Randy Orton?

As revealed by the same athlete on his official Twitter, soon, with only a few more appearances, Randy Orton will break the PPV match record in WWE history and the record of matches played on the red show, with Orton having said: "I've never been one to look at my records or stats throughout my career.

However, I recently noticed that my profession cannot be considered with a list of wins and losses. You certainly can't talk about it with the guys, much less with the fans. But I'm lucky to have some fans (and friends) who keep these stats for me.

Not just the losses and the wins, but pretty much anything one can imagine! It has come to my attention that tomorrow (today ed) at Survivor Series I will set a new record for being the one with the most WWE ppv matches in the company's history.

The following night on Raw, coincidentally, if I have a match, I'll be the one with the most Raw matches in history. I read it online, I checked and it's true... it seems hard to believe, it looks like I started yesterday with OVW.

I would like to take a minute just to unearth these stats and tell everyone who has always supported me in some way, how grateful I am. And I can say with all my heart that without you this would never have happened. Now let's go towards my 15th Survivor Series ...

friends, time flies, don't you think?" According to the website The Internet Wrestling Database, Randy Orton is at 431 matches played on Raw, while Kane is at 436, therefore a single match would not be enough to break the record but at least 6. Despite this little detail, it looks like Randy Orton is and will be a key part of WWE history.