Smackdown: Sasha Banks defeated Shotzi

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Smackdown: Sasha Banks defeated Shotzi

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Jeff Hardy vs Madcap Moss. Hardy has powerful friends, so he brings Drew McIntyre as a special enforcer. The match did not last long, with Drew avoiding the interference of Happy Corbin and Jeff who, despite Moss managing to avoid the Swanton Bomb, closed quickly with a RollUp.

Jeff Hardy stays on the team! After McIntyre's Claymore match on Corbin and Glasgow Kiss on Moss, he also takes the previously avoided Swanton Bomb. Backstage Paul Heyman is on the phone, but he quickly closes the call when he sees Kayla Braxton approaching.

The Mad Genius says Roman Reigns will destroy King Woods when he accepts his challenge and leaves. Shotzi attacked Sasha Banks on WWE SmackDown three weeks ago. Her actions led to a big match between the two on Friday night.

Sasha Banks def. Shotzi

Sasha Banks is back to playing a babyface while Shotzi is a great heel. It looks like WWE is going to book one of the teams to implode during the contest to help RAW pick up the win. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Angel.

In the final Humberto holds Nakamura out of the ring, but is hit by Rick Boogs, while the Japanese returns to the square and ... KINSHASA! .. 1..2 ... 3! The Lotharios, together with the surnames, in this episode seem to have also lost a bit of personality.

After the match Humberto decides to hit Boogs from behind to take revenge for a minimum of what has just happened, then he runs backstage with his cousin. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T responded to Banks’ comment about this.

Surprisingly, he agrees with The Boss and is positive he would have done the same had he been in her position. “”If I was Sasha Banks, I’m not mad at her comments or anything like that because I’d probably be pissed too.

I probably would’ve been. You know you got to put yourself in that position; Ronda Rousey got treated very well when she came in. But, the one thing Ronda did also is she delivered. She had a lot of people watching, she brought a lot of different eyes to the game”.

Staying true to her name, The Boss, Banks is leading Team SmackDown into the traditional 5-on-5 women’s match. So far, the team consists of Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Natalya, and Shotzi. The fifth member was Aliyah, but Sonya Deville removed her from the team.