Smackdown: Naomi was humiliated

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Smackdown: Naomi was humiliated
Smackdown: Naomi was humiliated

Backstage Sasha Banks and Shotzi, another who lost her last name by chance, fight backstage. Sonya Deville reminds the two that at Survivor Series they will have to work together and adds that she hopes that, after their match tonight, they will shake hands.

The last sentence is said in a slightly threatening way. Another place on the women's team at risk? - Sasha Banks vs Shotzi. The former Blackheart brings out a nastiness never seen before and in the end, she is dominating the match- BALL PIT!

The Boss, however, withdraws out of the ring and Shotzi goes to take her back, bringing her back to the square. BANK STATEMENT PULLED OUT OF NOTHING! SHOTZI GIVES ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! Sudden victory for Banks, who now seemed doomed.

After the match, Sonya Deville appears on the entrance ramp and Sasha offers a handshake to her rival, who accepts ... AND HAS A BACKSTABBER! Sonya doesn't seem satisfied, but Sasha does. Even too much. Naomi returned on WWE SmackDown this week only to be humiliated once again on the Blue brand.

She allied with Aliyah to take on Shayna Baszler and Natalya in a tag team match.

Naomi returned on WWE SmackDown this week

This looked like a good clash on paper, but the booking was extremely weak. The babyfaces were doing well in competing against the top heels.

Unfortunately, the match ended abruptly when Natalya pinned Naomi owing to the match official’s unusually fast count. Part of a comic-style movie that tells the story of Xia Li, telling us how, after the death of her father, she had to learn to fight to protect her family from her stepfather.

For those a bit nerdy like me it was a beautiful moment and the fact that it happened immediately after a match by Shotzi, a beloved athlete from the '' category '' of which she is certainly a part, makes everything even more magnificent.

Backstage, Toni Storm, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says she is very happy to be part of the blue brand team. After a video showing the challenge launched by Storm herself to Charlotte Flair, the champion reaches her future rival in the interview area and promises that she will also take care of her.

Now, however, she has to think about Becky Lynch. Sasha Banks and Natalya kicked off proceeding for their teams. After matching each other with their respective moves, it was the turn for Shayna and Aliyah to take the center stage after getting tagged.

Aliyah looked all fired up for her first match on SmackDown. She hit Shayna with a dropkick but ultimately got dominated by the trio of Shayna, Natalya, and Shotzi.


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