Smackdown: Big E makes a huge surprise

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Smackdown: Big E makes a huge surprise

King Woods reaches the ring! Xavier wonders if Roman Reigns is man enough to reach him alone and waits for him on the square. THE THEME OF REIGNS STARTS! The Tribal Chief arrives along with Paul Heyman, but the two pauses before entering the square and Heyman calls the Usos.

Reigns smiles, but then quickly stops, noticing that the cousins ​​aren't coming. The Mad Genius he keeps calling "Usooos" is undoubtedly one of the funniest things of the last year, closely followed by Jimmy and Jey rolling in, evidently manned by someone.

Reigns is obviously scared and we have rarely seen a look like that on his face, while Woods laughs. Big E’s music hit, and the big man made his way out to surprise Roman. A brawl between the Survivor Series opponents broke out, and Big E overpowered Reigns with ease.

Big E made his way out to surprise Roman Reigns

IT'S BIG E !!! THE FIGHTING STARTS! The WWE Champion knocks out the Universal Champion, sends him against the bleachers and then takes him to the square, where King Woods awaits him.

Full-blown beating! The Usos attempt to intervene, but are both knocked down by the Big Ending. The King flies to the Usos outside the ring, but immediately after ... REIGNS 'SUPERMAN PUNCH ON BIG E! UUUAAA! Roman leaves for Spear, but ...

ALPHA UNICORN CHARGES HIM ON THE FLIGHT FOR THE BIG ENDING! Roman manages to escape and leaves lifting his belt. I've always hated New Day, but maybe for the first time they made them totally believable. Does the Tribal Chief really risk defeat at the Series? Xavier Woods revealed that none of the material things meant anything to him.

He was King from the heart and he wanted to do good for the WWE Universe. He challenged Roman Reigns to come out later without The Usos and take him on, man-to-man. However, The Tribal King had a different trick up his sleeve.

He destroyed everything that belonged to King Woods. Even though Woods tried to save his crown, Roman Reigns smashed it in front of Woods’ eyes while The Usos held him back. Roman Reigns didn’t actually accept Woods’ challenge, but he left King Woods with one last message – “I don’t need props.

I’m the one”. While who is worthy of being the real King of WWE can only be decided by a match, The Tribal Chief (on WWE SmackDown November 19) has proven why there is no one above him at the moment.