Does WWE change recruiting method for its new superstars?

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Does WWE change recruiting method for its new superstars?

In recent months, WWE has pursued a new policy never seen before in the Stamford-based federation's rings, with the McMahons releasing dozens of athletes and insiders, vastly surpassing 300 units in just over a year, that is from April of last year until today.

All these releases and layoffs are due to a new "budget cut" policy that has become fundamental for the McMahons, with the global pandemic that seems to have left well-defined marks on the society and finance of many major global companies, including WWE.

Precisely in recent months, however, WWE seems to no longer want to look anyone in the face, also eliminating great names from its rosters, such as Bray Wyatt, Nia Jax or Braun Strowman, should it not consider these athletes valid for the continuation of the company history.

In addition to the layoffs, however, several hires have also arrived for WWE in the last period, with NXT literally being stormed by new and young faces never seen in the McMahon family's rings and who should take the reins of the future of the McMahon family company, from now on.

Does WWE prefer to hire black athletes?

In the latest update reported by Dave Meltzer, to the microphones of his usual Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist wanted to make known one of the criteria that WWE is using to make new hires, which would be to choose the color of the skin or the ethnicity of the new boys arriving on the NXT rings.

In his latest update, Meltzer reported: "I know a lot of people are trying to do things with ethnicities, but they are still favoring it at the moment. I mean, even if they continue with the cuts and it doesn't seem like they (WWE ed) continue to recruit.

They want people of color, I want people of different ethnicities, I mean that in their recruitment, they are preferring some things, that's absolutely what they are doing at the moment." WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly visited the Performance Center on Thursday this week to scout talent.

WWE is looking to replenish its roster with new stars following the recent budget cuts which saw the release of multiple talent including Tyler Breeze, Fandango, and Marina Shafir. The Chairman was accompanied by WWE President Nick Khan, Bruce Prichard, and John Laurinaitis.

They all met with the staff and observed the training at the facility. WWE has signed three new international recruits from Asia who took part in tryouts which were held in Shanghai, China in July 2019. The new stars will be the latest to join the Performance Center.