Big E has very clear ideas about his future

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Big E has very clear ideas about his future

Over the course of his WWE career, Big E took a long time to fully express his talent. He currently fights on the Raw roster and is the holder of the WWE Championship, which he cleverly snatched from Bobby Lashley's hands.

During his tenure at Stamford, the 35-year-old from Tampa also won the NXT Championship, twice the Intercontinental title, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship and six times the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. He also won the 2021 edition of Money in the Bank.

His second reign as Raw Tag Team Champion, which lasted 483 days, turns out to be the longest in the history of the title. The New Day member will catch up with Roman Reigns this Sunday at the Survivor Series. Host of the 'Barstool Rasslin' podcast on the eve of the last big PPV of 2021, 'The Powerhouse of Positivity' talked about his run as WWE Champion and more.

Backstage News on Big E

“Do you want to know what my biggest dream is? Take on Edge at WrestleMania 38 next year. I know very well that he is a babyface too, but I watched his storyline with Seth Rollins and it was really great.

Their match at Crown Jewel also blew my mind. They gave birth to an incredible show" - explained Big E. Recently, Paul Heyman wanted to give Big E some advice for his future: “We have no problem with the New Day, they're great, but they don't understand that their role is to be wiped out by the Bloodline.

King Woods must realize that it's good to be a king, but that doesn't make you a tribal chief. I still hope Big E understands this and finally decides to get in line. I think he should walk away from New Day the same way Roman Reigns left the Shield.

Roman had by now achieved such popularity that the Shield was close to him. Big E has to take the same approach when it comes to New Day. Being WWE champion comes with a huge responsibility, as Big E carries the legacy of legends like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Triple H."

Speaking on the Jim and Sam Show, Big E said he used to thrust against the floor during untelevised New Day matches to amuse himself. When he introduced that part of his act to television, WWE started to receive complaints.

“People are allowing me to do this, so I just kept doing stuff. And people enjoy it or didn’t yell at me, so I was like, ‘Let’s keep going.’ I was told there were a couple of times where the company got some emails, I don’t know if it’s like FCC [Federal Communications Commission], something where people complained and wanted me off TV because the gyrations were too much. Me, Elvis [Presley], there’s no real difference there!” he said.