Vince Russo opens up on John Morrison

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Vince Russo opens up on John Morrison

WWE has carried out numerous wave releases over the past year and a half in order to contain the dire effects of the global pandemic. The empty arenas and subsequent crisis brought the sports entertainment business to its knees, forcing Vince McMahon and his management to take a series of drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy.

The vehement rise of All Elite Wrestling has certainly not helped the Stamford-based federation, which has seen several of its former talents stolen from the competition. Tony Khan's company has even managed to sign two wrestling greats like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

The latest wave of layoffs also hit John Morrison, who was forced to pack after 11 years at WWE (including his first stint between 2002 and 2011). In a long chat on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo wondered why the company decided to renew Jeff Hardy's contract and release Morrison instead.

Vince Russo talks about John Morrison

Jeff Hardy signed a two-year deal with WWE in 2020, while John Morrison returned to Stamford in 2019 joining forces with The Miz. “The WWE has recently renewed the contract to a superstar like Jeff Hardy, who does not look better to me than John Morrison.

The latter is still in excellent shape, he is a popular and recognizable athlete, he looks good and looks like a movie star. I really can't understand the reason for this choice” - admitted Vince Russo. "I can think of many guys that I would have released before John unless there were problems in the backstage that we are unaware of" - he added.

Finally, Russo spoke of the Survivor Series: “The first editions of this PPV were very different from today. They aired on Thanksgiving and it was a special time. Fans were eager to attend the show. Now there is hardly anything left of that glorious tradition."

In a recent stream on Sportskeeda Wrestling's YouTube Channel, Kenny Bolin was of the belief that Tony Khan should sign John Morrison, who was recently let go by WWE. Bolin further praised Morrison for his ability and stated that he could benefit AEW.

"Well if [Tony Khan] doesn't pick up John Morrison, he's a blithering idiot and I'll tell him that to his face. With all the B, C and D level talent he's picked up and does absolutely next to nothing with them - pick up John Morrison and actually put somebody on the roster who can actually work, entertain, perform and be a difference-maker," said Kenny Bolin.