John Cena congratulates his eternal rival Randy Orton

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John Cena congratulates his eternal rival Randy Orton

In the morning just passed, we reported in one of our news, the fact that Randy Orton will arrive shortly will write his name indelibly on two records of the McMahon-owned company, becoming the WWE athlete to have played the most matches in the story of the PPVs of the Stamford company and between a few matches, however, he will also overtake Kane in the number of matches played in the rings of the red show, on Monday Night Raw.

After almost 20 years of a career spent alone in the WWE rings, Randy Orton was the only one so active that he was able to stay on-screen for so long, without taking too many breaks from the action and never changing company, as they have.

made other colleagues. Among the greatest workaholics, we find in fact in addition to Randy Orton, also Kane, both helped by a great physical condition that allowed the two athletes to participate in many events, not encountering many serious injuries during their stint in WWE.

Former WWE Champion John Cena sent a heartfelt message to his longtime rival Randy Orton ahead of his history-making night at Survivor Series. One of the greatest enemies of Randy Orton in the rings of the McMahon company has been for years John Cena, eternal babyface of Vince McMahon, who staged very bloody matches with the Legend Killer, in different situations of the careers of the two.

John Cena praises Randy Orton

Among the current WWE veterans still in business, (although Cena is now a semi-retired part-timer), both John and Randy are also among the most successful when it comes to world titles. With a message posted on his personal Twitter profile, John Cena also wanted to congratulate his eternal rival, who on this occasion returns to being the great friend and colleague of a lifetime, with John who wrote: "Tonight (on Sunday) there will be a legendary achievement by Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

I hope WWE superstars and the WWE Universe understand how incredible it is. A milestone that I have never reached and that I have ALWAYS admired. I'm so proud of you Randy. Thanks for your inspiration! #Respect." In addition to breaking the record for most pay-per-view matches in WWE history, Randy Orton could break another record on Monday Night RAW.

If The Viper competes on the show, he will have had more bouts on the red brand than any superstar in history.