Stone Cold Steve Austin comments on 'The Man' gimmick

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Stone Cold Steve Austin comments on 'The Man' gimmick

Becky Lynch is one of WWE's top superstars and her improvements over the past year have been truly amazing. Both fans and insiders praised 'The Man' for her progress in and out of the ring. While feuding with Ronda Rousey, Lynch was also suspended as part of the storyline after she refused to visit the doctors and instead attacked Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

The following week, despite having apologized to the McMahons, Mr. McMahon instead suspended Lynch for 60 days and replaced her with Charlotte Flair as Rousey's WrestleMania opponent. During a recent interview with MMA Tonight, the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke about 'The Man' gimmick: “I’ve loved what she’s done, I love what she’s doing.

I like her swagger. And she’s the h*****t thing going right now. She’s not a person who’s dwelling on this being the most athletic match in the world, she’s a great worker in the ring, but it’s character driven.

‘The Man’ I love this gimmick, if you’re a young lady, calling yourself ‘The Man’ just like Ric Flair used to be—’To be the man, you gotta beat the man’—but, this is a whole different entity with the way Becky presents it, and obviously, she’s a female, it’s an awesome gimmick and it’s money”.