Survivor Series: Sensational segment with Roman Reigns

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Survivor Series: Sensational segment with Roman Reigns

The 2021 Survivor Series have also now gone to the archives, with WWE staging its last ppv of 2021, which was the federation's historic Big Four event, with which many storylines have been closed, others have received unexpected developments and still, others were born from nothing, like the one we are about to bring back.

For weeks and months, in fact, some rumors have been talking about a possible Wrestlemania match between Roman Reigns and his internationally renowned cousin, The Rock, with the two who have never competed in the Stamford-based company's rings and could finally collide.

in the rings of the next edition of Wrestlemania 38 or even in the one after, in more than a year. Apparently, tonight, there was going to be a segment that could have heralded this all-family clash between the two, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reappearing in front of the company's screens just to give this huge clue, after months.

passed in the total absence on-screen from the WWE product.

What's next for Roman Reigns?

During one of the usual backstage segments that aired at the Series tonight, we saw Roman Reigns walk into Vince McMahon's office, where the WWE Chairman welcomed his Universal Champion, seated him at his desk.

Right on the table where Vince works, there was a huge egg, called "Cleopatra's Egg", which Vince McMahon revealed to be a gift from Reigns' cousin to the WWE Chairman, worth 100 million dollars. After this scene, a Roman Reigns quite annoyed by the thing left the WWE patron's office, letting fans realize how annoying it was.

As reported by the latest rumors, The Rock should be busy for the week of Wrestlemania 38, due to the recordings of its many films, but nothing has yet been said about the edition of the year after, of the Showcase of the Immortals, which could be the perfect scenario for the clash between the two.

Later in the show, Vince McMahon's famous office egg would also be stolen, with the Chairman mandating Adam Pearce to interview anyone on the matter, with Vince intending to track down the culprit in tonight's episode. of Monday Night Raw, where we will then see some good ones.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns has established himself as the top heel in the industry over the last year. The Tribal Chief persona is considered by many as one of the best characters in recent WWE history. However, outside of television, Reigns is still a real-life hero.

Recently, he won the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award for his work with the Make A Wish Foundation. Reacting to the same, he broke character to send out a heartfelt message stating that he will continue to support in every way possible.