Latest update on Triple H's future

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Latest update on Triple H's future

In recent months, it seems that Triple H has lost some power within the WWE organization chart, especially with the advent of NXT 2.0, which has completely distorted what was the format and the roster that the same HHH together to the collaboration of Shawn Michaels and many other famous colleagues, they had built up over years of sacrifice.

After years and years behind the family company's third-roster product, Triple H seems to have taken a back seat, with Vince McMahon favoring the collaboration of Bruce Prichard and WWE co-president Nick Khan to rebuild much of it.

of the company, at least for what we see on-screen and therefore speaking of formats, rosters and various layoffs.

New details on Triple H

After seeing him go away for a serious heart problem, which has kept him away from the scene for several weeks, the possibility had emerged online in the last few hours that Stephanie McMahon's husband could open his personal pro-wrestling company detached from WWE.

with his morale that would not be sky-high after having seen his work destroyed for years, with his NXT and above all after having seen all his favorites resigned from NXT to the main roster in the blink of an eye. To dispel this myth, however, Dave Meltzer arrived immediately, thanks to the latest edition of his Newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, with which he analyzed the current physical and financial situation of the WWE COO and therefore excluded his possible departure from historical company of the wife's family.

To the microphones of his last speech, Meltzer said: "Triple H has serious health problems and doesn't even have the money to start a company. This is a bit too much for him too." According to the well-known journalist, therefore, Triple H would not have the skills to be able to open his very personal pro-wrestling company, even if he wanted to, with the possibility that in the next few years a new great reality dedicated to American pro-wrestling will be born, which therefore it won't come from the WWE COO.

WWE has very limited superstars who can work as a star attraction. Having Triple H return for one last match could help cement a younger superstar. Another way could be to put Triple H on-screen in a position of power on either RAW or SmackDown. That could lead to a feud with one of the top stars on the roster which could culminate in his retirement match.