Why is Vince McMahon back on-screen?

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Why is Vince McMahon back on-screen?

During the night, WWE staged its last ppv of the year, namely the Survivor Series. In the usual annual schedules of the company, this last stage is quite unusual, given that in the month of December, the company always holds a ppv that in recent years has been TLC, but not in this weird 2021.

After announcing a ppv at the beginning of the year, on the 1st of January, WWE wanted to eliminate its last ppv of December, ending the calendar year of the WWE ppv precisely at Survivor Series. In the ppv that aired last night, the company's Chairman, Vince McMahon, also reappeared after months off-screen, who became the protagonist of a segment together with Smackdown's Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

After watching him chase a $ 100 million egg, Vince McMahon has announced that he will also be on the next episode of Monday Night Raw, which airs overnight. But why did Vince McMahon reappear on-screen after a stint backstage?

The latest news on Vince McMahon

Buddy Matthews tweeted today what a lot of us were thinking last night when it came to Vince McMahon's storyline at WWE Survivor Series.

The biggest storyline coming out of WWE's pay-per-view last night didn't actually involve any of the matches on the show. Instead, it featured WWE owner Vince McMahon and "Cleopatra's Golden Egg," which is a paid marketing device to promote The Rock's new Netflix movie Red Notice.

Thanks to the words of the usual Dave Meltzer, during the last episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we learn the version of the well-known journalist, who stated: "Tomorrow is Indiana Jones ... you will see, you know that there is always something like this and sometimes these things work.

It is a gimmick to raise the ratings and to make an advertising placement of The Rock film also. It's to earn ratings, Vince wanted it. We'll see what Vince means on TV. There hasn't been much on-screen in the last period.

He hasn't been in front of the television screens for a long time. Now he's back and you know, he's preparing great things. It's not like before, 'Oh, Vince is there.' " Apparently, the WWE Chairman is preparing something big with Roman Reigns and his cousin The Rock, with their clash that according to the latest rumors will not arrive before Wrestlemania 39, with the Tribal Chief of the company who will therefore have to wait longer. of a year before clashing with the most famous member of his family, less than sensational surprises.