Paul Heyman discusses Brock Lesnar's suspension

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Paul Heyman discusses Brock Lesnar's suspension

Brock Lesnar has been missing from WWE screens for several weeks now. Vince McMahon's company (storyline of course) suspended Brock Lesnar by choice of company officer Adam Pearce. It all started at the Crown Jewel Pay Per View with The Beast Incarnate grappling with Roman Reigns in a big battle for the title.

The match saw the Tribal Chief win in a 'dirty' way thanks to the evident help from Jey and Jimmy Uso, cousins and trusts of the Smackdown champion. Lesnar did not take this result well at all and during the Friday Night Smackdown episode following the event he had a strong rant.

After taking it out on a large portion of the roster, Lesnar attacked official Adam Pearce who subsequently imposed a hefty fine and suspension on the wrestler who has been so stuck since that day and has remained out of the WWE spotlight.

Paul Heyman had an interesting response to Brock Lesnar's suspension being lifted by WWE. In the aftermath of Roman Reigns' win at Survivor Series 2021, Paul Heyman was questioned backstage by Megan Morant regarding the same.

Paul Heyman opens up on Brock Lesnar

In the aftermath of tonight's pay per view that saw the Survivor Series 2021 take place, Paul Heyman angrily responded to a question about Brock Lesnar and his suspension from commentator Megan Morant.

WWE's Mad Genius replied in this way: "In situations like these Megan you should be sweet and pretty but maybe you shouldn't be too smart. Do like Kayla..." . Heyman, conspicuously annoyed, closed the intervention by addressing himself externally and stating: "Who hired this..."

Since the day of Brock Lesnar's return in the company, Mad Genius, now a director of Roman Reigns but in the past manager of The Beast, has had a cryptic attitude towards this issue, almost suggesting a 'betrayal' sooner or later against his adviser.

Already at Crown Jewel he did not take sides and his situation is still unclear with Roman and Brock who should continue their feud until the next edition of Wrestlemania 38. At this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view, Kayla Braxton told Paul Heyman that she heard rumors regarding the Beast Incarnate's indefinite suspension being lifted.

A surprised Heyman suggested Braxton should ask Pearce for the details as the latter suspended Brock Lesnar. During the match at Crown Jewel, Paul Heyman threw the WWE Universal Championship in the ring for either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns to get a hold of it and use it as a weapon.