Big E Reveals That The New Day Was Considered Worse Than 3MB

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Big E Reveals That The New Day Was Considered Worse Than 3MB

Big E is one of WWE’s most popular superstars and is a former member of The New Day. He knows that the life of a WWE Champion is far from easy. He was with Kofi Kingston in 2019 when he won the WWE Title. On Yahoo! Sport, Big E spoke about how well Kofi did when he was the champion.

Big E Speaks About Big E Being Considered Worse Than 3MB at One Point

“I think he did an incredible job,” Big E said in an interview with Yahoo! Sport in the United Kingdom, “and one of the things I learned from him was that after he had won the title, he didn’t sleep at all.

He was with his family and then had a whole day of media the next day, and was added to Monday Night RAW. To see how often he was gone, the amount of media, and the number of shoots, I understood it. We talked all of the time, every day, so I was able to see how much was on him and how many responsibilities he had.

I’m glad that I was able to see that and to know that more work was coming”. Big E stated that he took advice from various superstars when he became the WWE Champion. He stated that he spoke to the WWE Hall of Famer Edge about how he should carry the title.

He also spoke to numerous other wrestlers outside of the New Day. “I talked to Edge about it and he said there was more work coming,” Big E said. “It was something I was ready for”. Xavier Woods is another former The New Day member, and Big E spoke about Xavier winning the King Of The Ring tournament.

Xavier won it at this years WWE Crown Jewel event. Big E recalled that The New Day was formed in 2014. “We were just three guys who were constantly told ‘no’, but we turned this thing around,” Big E said.

“People did not like us at all, they tweeted we were worse than 3MB and they didn’t care for us. In many ways, the gimmick and presentation weren’t something that people wanted. The fact that we flipped it and made it work is a testament to us and believing in ourselves.

I’m so glad that we decided to take that leap and bet on ourselves because there were so many opportunities for us to give up or disband and say it wasn’t worth it. I always believed in our chemistry. I knew as soon as we started riding together [and] talking that we saw the business in the same way, that we had something there.

We thought that no matter what, if people saw that genuine bond and that we were having fun at all times, people would gravitate toward us and we could turn things around”.