*Spoiler* A Survivor Series match shocked the WWE Universe

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*Spoiler* A Survivor Series match shocked the WWE Universe

Listen, WWE Survivor Series cannot be judged based on the fact that The Rock didn't show up at the pay-per-view. No, the company shouldn't have teased a showdown on The Tonight Show in front of millions (and millions) of fans.

In the hour before the PPV, we see a half fight of the FEMALE SMACKDOWN TEAM, the RK-BRO RAW COUPLE CHAMPIONS ready for battle and a video dedicated to THE ROCK. -United States Champion Damien Priest Vs Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w Rick Boogs Strange choice to put this match in the Kick-Off ...

The battle is enough, with Nakamura attempting the KINSHASA, but Damien partially fends off the blow. Priest performs a submission hold, but the Intercontinental Champion awakens to the sound of good Rick Boogs. Probably Damien hates this musical genre and goes to destroy the violin, hitting both Boogs and Nakamura ...

ENDING THE MATCH BY DISQUALIFICATION !!! After seeing BOBBY LASHLEY & MVP, KEVIN OWENS arrives at the commentary table, eager to bring RAW to victory, while we notice that MR MCMAHON is here and has brought a golden egg !!!

After this great comeback and the latest predictions, the Kick-Off ends! The useless Kick-Off kicks off the useless Survivor Series, even if the event begins immediately with a challenge that promises sparks (in every sense)!

Survivor Series is one of WWE's major pay-per-views

WWE Survivor Series is a lot like 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' in the sense that the points don't matter. No, irrespective of whichever brand wins everything is forgotten soon after.

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch Vs SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair You know immediately that it will be a battle full of blows after just a few seconds. The two show all their personal hatred and show off a good fight.

The Queen comes close to success after a Moosault, while the Irishman replies but in an ineffective way, getting the Big Boot and the FIGURE-4 !!! The Man breaks free of submission and the two lead each other like blacksmiths and ...

CHARLOTTE'S DIS-ARM-HER ON BECKY !!! RAW CHAMPION BREAKS FREE ... IRREGULAR FLAIR ROLLUP ... IRREGULAR BECKY ROLLUP ... 1 .. 2 ... 3 !!!! BECKY LYNCH WINS BY SURPRISE !!! The Man enjoys the victory, while the Queen walks away laughing ...

The end! Omos and AJ Styles are definitely going to split on the RAW after WWE Survivor Series or a few weeks from now. It's clear as day that this is the direction the company plans to go.