*Spoiler* WWE is trying to push Omos

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*Spoiler* WWE is trying to push Omos

The second part of the SS21 opens with the ROMAN REIGNS UNIVERSAL CHAMPION reaching VINCE MCMAHON's office! The Chairman talks about the importance of the egg given by The Rock. However, the Big Dog seems irritated to hear from his cousin and goes away stating that his contract is worth much more than that egg!

The fury of Omos -The Rock 25th Battle Royal Useless filler that they had to force to waste the evening and to celebrate The Rock's debut, which took place right here at the SS 25 years ago. There is not much to say about the battle: SAMI ZAYN is eliminated by his friends from SmackDown, while OMOS and AJ STYLES want to make a clean sweep.

What's next for Omos?

Survivor Series 2021 featured a 25-Man Dual Brand Battle Royal to honor the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s debut. This match featured several top superstars, including a few former world champions, competing for pizza.

To make things worse, Omos ultimately won the match after eliminating 12 WWE Superstars from the Battle Royal, again for pizza. This match featured the likes of AJ Styles and Sami Zayn but let’s look at their respective strategies.

However, the Phenomenal is eliminated by the couple AZZEZ & APOLLO CREWS and what everyone feared happens ... THE FURY OF OMOS !!! Little Lukaku goes crazy and eliminates everyone as if there was no tomorrow! People from RAW and SmackDown fly away like birds, while the last remaining RICOCHET is thrown away by the giant ...

AND OMOS WINS BATTLE ROYAL !!! Not happy, AJ wants to celebrate with pizzas ... BUT THE NARROW PROFITS ATTACK HIM AND GIVE EVERYONE PIZZAS ... YEEEAH!!! Firstly, he picked up Ricochet and dropped him on the floor like the latter weighed nothing.

This is evidence of his brute strength. Secondly, his height made the final impact much more brutal than when other Superstars use similar maneuvers. Thirdly, Ricochet had already been defeated by AJ Styles via pinfall, which means he was already tired and sore from the match.

Usually, Omos enters the ring when something is about to go wrong with AJ Styles, or ‘The Phenomenal One’ is about to be defeated. However, this time, it was different. Omos attacked Ricochet after Styles defeated him.

WWE has signaled that Omos will be taking part in matches soon, and the roster needs to be very frightened of the behemoth.