*Spoiler* Unforgettable moment for Randy Orton

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*Spoiler* Unforgettable moment for Randy Orton

RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro Vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos. Randy Orton already wants to close with the RKO, but Jimmy saves himself and gives the tag to Jey! After the domination of the RK-Bro, Jimmy restores the balance thanks to a nice Suicide Dive!

Riddle goes into action in place of the Viper and turns the tide of battle, before getting a Neckbreaker. The match was not just important for RAW for also for Randy Orton personally because he broke a very important record.

It was his 177th match on a WWE pay-per-view. He broke Kane’s record for most pay-per-view matches in WWE history.

Randy Orton and Riddle versus The Usos

Riddle tagged Orton in after slamming Jey down. Randy Orton went for an early RKO, but Jey blocked his attempt and he went outside the ring.

As the match progressed, the scales kept tipping back and forth. At times, the Usos dominated and on other occasions, RK-Bro showed the Bloodline why they’re champions. There came a point where The Usos were hitting Riddle and he couldn’t tag Randy in.

Just as he was about to after kicking Jey Uso’s head, Jimmy was tagged in and broke up the momentum. The Usos roll out the two duo champions of RAW and ... JIMMY'S SPLASH ON RIDDLE ... BUT ORTON IS THE LEGAL MAN ... RKO A SIGN !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! THE RK-BRO WIN THE CHALLENGE !!! Let's go back to MR MCMAHON's office and find SONYA DEVILLE & ADAM PEARCE! The Chairman does not seem to be satisfied, since his golden egg has disappeared! Vince orders the two executives to find the precious object and promises to interrogate the entire locker room.

And on these images, the second part of the Series ends! It wasn't the wrong decision to have Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair be the two WWE Survivor Series 'sole survivors.' That said, somehow there was something missing from both of the matches.

Why were Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, two of the most bitter rivals in history all chummy and pally all of a sudden? Couldn't they have done more with Kevin Owens, who is Big E's most bitter rival, than have him walk out of the proceedings all of a sudden? Pat McAfee infused energy into WWE Survivor Series like nobody else.

Yes, the action did wane at some points but his energy never did. The way he called Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair at the top of the program was top-tier commentary.