Bray Wyatt has been advertised to appear at...

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Bray Wyatt has been advertised to appear at...

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE in July 2021, news that obviously left the entire WWE Universe and not just completely shocked, with such a brilliant mind that she was ousted from the biggest company in the business. It appears his first post-WWE appearance has been revealed.

The official Wrestlecon 2022 Twitter page has announced that Bray Wyatt will make an appearance at Wrestlecon 2022 in Dallas, Texas. This will happen during Wrestlemania weekend, curious right? Despite all the pressure from fans to see him in one of the other companies, such as AEW and IMPACT, the athlete has not yet announced whether he will actually continue as a wrestler and there does not seem to be anything up for him in the ring.

New details on Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has been advertised to appear at WrestleCon 2022, which will happen during WrestleMania 38 weekend. Many consider Wyatt's release from WWE to be the most shocking one this year. The former Universal Champion seemed to be a merchandise-mover and was over with the fans in a big way.

Kyle A. Scarborough, the creator of the Fiend mask, spoke on Twitter about what appeared to be the next plans for Bray Wyatt in WWE: "Fun fact: WWE wanted to bring the #Fireflyfunhouse to life, but @ Windham6 would only do it.

if he had played the characters himself. Only one was recreated, and that was to have been the concept for FFH Huskus. It was hinted at but eventually shelved. #Thefiend #Braywyatt." Adding more to Alexa Bliss, who had been alongside the Evil One for some time: "Fun fact: During the start of @Alexabliss_wwe's run with #Thefiend, I was asked to recreate the concept art for a potential mask/makeup combination.

#Braywyatt #Alexabliss #Wweraw " But now Bray Wyatt has something else on his mind, in fact, he is busy shooting a horror movie in Hollywood. These are the words of Jason Baker, creator of the Fiend mask, which is part of the project: "He is a phenomenal collaborator, he has also become a great friend, and currently - you are the first people to whom we say this publicly - we are about to start a new movie at the end of the month.

We have had a few meetings here and there and different things are happening and the situation is moving. We will start recording our movie with him towards the end of the month." Bray Wyatt recently responded to reports at the end of October, which stated that many within WWE felt internally that he "deserved" to be fired.

While Wyatt was one of WWE's most popular superstars worldwide, there seemed to be a major creative conflict between him and the higher-ups.