RAW: Dana Brooke becomes champion

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RAW: Dana Brooke becomes champion

Since the last title introduced at WWE, or the 24/7 Championship, saw the light for the first time, fans of the WWE Universe immediately understood where the Stamford-based company wanted to go with its new green belt- gold, with the secondary title of Monday Night Raw, which took the reins of the very famous Hardcore Championship of the 90s-00s, or that title that could be up for grabs anywhere, in matches that could be set up in any situation and with all the wrestlers and insiders, who could easily win the belt.

Even the WWE 24/7 Championship has already been won several times by several laymen, such as WWE commentators, reporters from various news outlets, some singers and even retired wrestlers of the company, which have increased its reigns exponentially.

, also because in the course of the short history of the belt, there were also 10 changes titled in the same evening, which also happened recently, when Byron Saxton and Corey Graves became champions of the McMahon company for a few seconds.

Dana Brooke's downfall in WWE has been greatly exaggerated. It's been a rough couple of months for Dana Brooke on the WWE RAW roster following Mandy Rose's move to WWE NXT. Not only has there been no real direction for her, but she was also brutally buried by Corey Graves on commentary in a recent match that really riled up the WWE Universe online.

What's next for Dana Brooke?

In one of the many situations that sees the 24/7 champion run away from his usual pursuers, tonight we saw two more titled changes, with Reginald, now historic champion of the 24/7 Championship, who was beaten in the ring by Cedric Alexander, who thus became the new champion 24/7, without however expecting an attack that was coming from above.

From the last rope of the ring, in fact, came the attack of Dana Brooke, who was thus able to pin the champion, snatching the title from his hands and thus becoming 24/7 champion for the first time. Obviously, after the pin, Dana Brooke was surrounded by all those wrestlers who wanted the title and who chase the champion weekly, to try to pin him, but at the sight of a female champion, all the wrestlers stopped, so as not to put their hands on a girl.

We'll see who now deploys Dana from her to snatch the title of 24 / Champion in the McMahon company rings, which is hard enough to see in the WWE rings if not with some ruse.