RAW: Riddle shines once again

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RAW: Riddle shines once again

Also, present on this Monday evening is Vince McMahon who summoned all the wrestlers of the company for the theft of the $100 million Cleopatra egg that The Rock gave him. The Chairman is angry and wants clarity now! The latest episode of RAW show opens with Vince McMahon in his office, very angry, and in front of him are Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce.

Meanwhile, let's review what happened to the Survivor Series and in particular on the egg issue Vince McMahon explained the importance of the egg to the two GMs and threatens them, also guarantees that whoever retrieves the egg will have a title shot tonight for the WWE Championship.

Meanwhile, we see Randy Orton in Gorilla Zone being interviewed, Orton is looking for his partner Riddle but he is not long in coming and looks almost ridiculously disguised as Randy with a fake mustache and dressed as The Viper.

Orton gets angry saying that he asked him to be like him in behavior, but by now Riddle has dropped into the part and is ready for the match, of course with Randy Orton's music. Riddle decided to be even more like Randy Orton on WWE RAW after their win at Survivor Series.

He came out with a fake goatee and acted like The Viper. The two men continued to fight for some time and traded a few punches. Ziggler tried to finish things with a Superkick, but The Bro countered. Riddle hit a knee to the face and struck with an RKO for the win on RAW.

Orton and Riddle are unstoppable at this point and it looks like the creative team will continue their partnership for longer. Unfortunately, Ziggler and Robert Roode are back to square one after a few good performances on RAW.

Riddle's talent

DOLPH ZIGGLER VS MATT RIDDLE The match begins, Dolph is very aggressive and immediately rips Riddle's fake mustache and puts him in the corner, Matt reacts and crashes Ziggler on the floor, right after Superkick.

Back from the commercial Riddle makes a series of flying forearms, hits Dolph with a PowerSlam but he reacts and hits him with the Fameasser, Riddle reacts, charge series and RKO with Riddle winning thanks to his partner's move.

At the end of the match Robert Roode tries to attack Riddle, but Randy Orton intervenes and knocks him out with the Tombstone Piledriver! The Viper looks proud and compliments his partner. Meanwhile in the backstage there is a chaos with several male and female wrestlers desperately hunting for Vince McMahon's egg.

Meanwhile, let's see a recap of what happened between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair last night. Becky is now making her entrance into the ring.