Was The Rock really planned for Survivor Series?

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Was The Rock really planned for Survivor Series?

In the night between Sunday and Monday (Italian time), WWE wanted to broadcast its latest edition of Survivor Series, historical PPV of the Stamford-based federation, in which several great fighters who made the history of the company made their debuts, such as The Undertaker and The Rock.

The latter, this year turned 25 years since his debut in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, with the Chairman Vince, who had also thought of inviting him to the pay-per-view rings, only to learn that the schedule of the recordings The Great One cinemas did not allow the athlete to take part in the show.

Apparently, according to some insiders, the presence of The Rock would never have been considered by the WWE, at least for what Dave Meltzer asserts from the microphones of the Wrestling Observer and in part this would also be right, but only in part.

According to several other sources of web wrestling, in fact, The Rock has never confirmed his participation in the event, but initially, 3-4 months ago, WWE had tried in every way to bring him to the Series rings and they had also been made special arrangements to get Rocky to attend the event.

The Rock couldn't attend Survivor Series

In his latest online speech, the well-known Andrew Zarian of F4WOnline, wanted to talk about the particular agreement that Vince McMahon had made in person with The Rock and his staff, which would have allowed the Great One to participate in the ppv, with the journalist who stated: "In July, I was told that in Brooklyn, New Yotk, the PPV would be focusing on Johnson.

Amid the heavy promotion of his new film, Red Notice on Netflix, was also the 25th anniversary of his debut, which was supposed to be celebrated in New York City, as well as the launch of NBC's Young Rock and the second season of the Ruthless Aggression documentary, the timing was perfect.

At the end of September, the same source told me that Johnson would not be able to be at Survivor Series due to his schedule for filming and because he would have to quarantine for the trip. Be that as it may, there were already financial and promotional obligations with the film even without Johnson, which led to the presentation of last night's plans.

The basic project has always remained the same, without The Rock himself though." Reports about The Rock's in-ring status change with each passing week as there is still no timeframe regarding his next on-screen appearance. There was an earlier belief that The Rock could be back to set up a WrestleMania 38 match against Roman Reigns.