Jeff Hardy Speaks About Wanting to be WWE Universal Champion

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Jeff Hardy Speaks About Wanting to be WWE Universal Champion

Jeff Hardy recently spoke about wanting to win the WWE Universal Title. He spoke about it on Sportskeeda Wrestling. Jeff Hardy is a former member of the Hardy Boyz. He started performing as a solo wrestler during the pandemic era after Matt Hardy left WWE for AEW.

Jeff also performed as a solo wrestler during his run at Impact Wrestling. He revealed that he wishes to fight Roman Reigns one day and that would be his dream match.

Jeff Hardy Talks About Wanting to Fight Roman Reigns

“Number one would probably be to be the Universal Champion,” Hardy admitted.

“Ideally, defeating Roman Reigns. Because that is one of my dream matches, his stuff is so powerful now. I got to mix to up with Seth in the ring and even Dean Ambrose right before he left. They were The Shield, that was a big deal.

Roman’s the one guy I never came in contact with, so I just feel like I kind of belong in that story, and I will belong in that story”. Jeff Hardy shared his thoughts on the Survivor Series PPV and stated that The Undertaker is the greatest Survivor Series' performer.

The Survivor Series PPV is one of WWE’s most important events. “I would have to say ‘Taker is the Mr. Survivor Series. His career is beyond legendary, it’s superhuman pretty much, it is unbelievable. He’s done so much for me and my career it’s just amazing,” Hardy stated.

“I have learned so much, just by watching him. So, he is definitely Mr. Survivor Series”. Jeff Hardy himself has been part of many important WWE PPV events. In fact, he and his brother, Matt, are actually the wrestlers that made TLC matches exciting.

According to many people, The Hardy Boyz are the most important tag team that the WWE ever produced. “Overall, I think it was ’08 or ’09, I was in the main event with Randy Orton for the World Title. It was in MSG, I believe,” Jeff Hardy recalled.

“It was such an electric match and we ended on a finish that I had wanted to feature on TV for the longest time, and it was on a PPV, on Survivor Series. It was just an honor to be in there with somebody like Randy Orton for the WWE Championship”.