Paul Heyman gives advice to young superstars

Paul Heyman currently plays the role of special consultant serving Roman Reigns

by Simone Brugnoli
Paul Heyman gives advice to young superstars

One of the brightest minds of the WWE backstage is definitely Paul Heyman, lawyer to Brock Lesnar and personal advisor to the Universal Smackdown champion, Roman Reigns, who on-screen holds these roles, but in the backstage of WWE and other important companies of the pro-wrestling history has always been one of the most brilliant creators and producers of all.

Even at the moment, Mad Genius is one of the main architects of the Bloodline storyline, with Heyman taking care of creating or editing every single promo or segment involving him and Roman Reigns, just as he does with Brock Lesnar when the latter returns to tread the rings of the McMahon family, a few months after his last appearance.

Paul Heyman is a WWE veteran

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has a few goals he wants to achieve on SmackDown, says Paul Heyman. The Special Counsel for Reigns has disclosed that The Tribal Chief wants to make SmackDown better with each passing week.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Heyman detailed Reigns' grand plans on the blue brand. The Special Counsel stated that the Universal Champion showed at Survivor Series that he's on a different level than everyone else in pro wrestling: “The next goal for Roman Reigns is clear, and that is to be better tomorrow than he is today.

His goal is to be better in two weeks than he is next week, to make next week’s SmackDown better than this week, and to make the SmackDown that airs in three weeks better than it is in two weeks." In his latest interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, one of the most important current and past managers in wrestling history, he wanted to reveal what he thinks could be one of the most important tips to make the new recruits in WWE breakthrough, both on the part of emerging talents, and on the part of managers who have to deal with their evaluation.

Regarding this topic, Paul Heyman assured: "If I were a young talent in this industry, I would not want to wait to get to the top, moving from the lowest positions, but I would immediately opt for the maximum apex. Put me there and I'll show you what I can do, don't make me fill in the seventh match of the card with someone just as a filler, but put this new guy here and you'll see if I drown or swim.

If I drown, I will be just one of the many guys who walk out the door they came in, with no connection whatsoever with the public or as one of the many released after years of nothing. I'll be one of the new guys who are ready for the door, who would care about me.

But what if I hit the center? If I have a connection? If I can interact? If I can make money? If I sell t-shirts? What if I become a box office?"

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