Johnny Gargano extends his deal with WWE by one week


Johnny Gargano extends his deal with WWE by one week

In recent months, several WWE wrestlers have been released by the company, because by now they were no longer part of the future projects of the federation, which entered a fairly dark moment with regard to budget cuts and projects related to its financial part.

Some athletes have even decided to leave the company of their own free will, going to ask for the McMahons to be released or waiting for their agreement to expire, as did Adam Cole or Daniel Bryan, with both former WWE athletes who later landed in the All Elite Wrestling rings, after signing a brand new agreement with the Khan family, thus moving away after years from the Stamford federation rings.

The list of athletes unhappy with their use in the McMahon rings, however, is getting longer and longer, with several big names also from NXT, who will soon have to decide whether to renew their agreement or leave the company rings.

Johnny Gargano has recently removed all NXT references from his Twitter and Instagram bios. However, the link to his page is still available. Latest reports have indicated that Gargano's actions are no indication of him leaving any time soon.

It was reported last month that Johnny Gargano’s current WWE contract is apparently set to expire on December 3, 2021.

Latest update on Johnny Gargano

Apparently, the former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano's contract had been expiring with the WWE for a few weeks, with the federation having begun negotiations to renew this agreement, in which the right amount of money has not yet been found.

to keep the athlete in the WWE rings. As his agreement with the McMahons is winding down, according to what was reported by the Fightful Select website, the management of the company would have asked the athlete to extend it for at least a week in the meantime, so as to allow Gargano to participate in the War Games and then calmly, the two parties will thus be able to find a new agreement to sign a new contract.

Through the microphones of the well-known overseas podcast, in fact, we learn that: "Fightful has learned that Johnny Gargano has agreed to extend his deal by one week so he can go all the way to NXT War Games. Instead of ending on December 3rd".

The Gargano contract will therefore terminate exactly on December 10, but if up to now the two parties have not yet found an agreement, it is assumed that it is very difficult for the athlete to remain working on the ring of the former WWE yellow show, with many other companies who would like to keep him in their rings, putting him under contract in place of WWE.

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