Seth Rollins could be injured

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Seth Rollins could be injured

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on the night between Monday and Tuesday, WWE sent all its segments and pre-arranged matches on stage for the episode of its television tapings as usual, without expecting any mishap.

was going to ruin the evening for some federation insiders. During one of the segments that starred Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, with The Prince being attacked by Seth Rollins in the company's rings, a fan saw fit to throw himself headlong into Rollins, hitting him off guard and throwing him to the ground.

Obviously, the rescues immediately launched on the attacker, who fortunately failed to harm the athlete, however causing him a considerable fright, which Rollins himself expressed in front of the live audience, not filmed for obvious reasons by the cameras.

of the WWE. At that juncture, his wife Becky Lynch and the designer of the two, King Troi, also approached to find out in what condition the former Universal Champion of the company was, in a state of quite an evident agitation after the incident.

Backstage News on Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins' attacker, who was eventually identified and transported to the nearest police headquarters, to be reported by WWE, is called Elisah Spencer and is 24 years old and through the pages of The Daily News, he wanted to make his own apologies to Rollins and WWE after his actions on Monday night.

To the microphones of the well-known US newspaper, the fan said: "I apologize to WWE for my actions. I had a real header, but as a grown man I should have behaved differently ... if I had seen him today I would not have attacked him.

I went ahead. "On the other hand, however, Seth Rollins in his last interview said he was terrified by this attack that came totally unexpected, with the wrestler saying: "It was terrifying, man. Fortunately, no injuries, nothing.

None of this. I was safe, we were safe. Fortunately, everything went well." Apart from the momentary shock, Rollins did not suffer consequences from the attack of the fan, which could instead cause him not a few problems or damage, with the athlete who also refused medical checks in the post-assault.

as WWE usually does in these cases, a symptom that the athlete was fine. Marc Raimondi of ESPN has now provided an update on the attack, via his official Twitter handle. Charges have been levied against the attacker, who's a 24-year-old man named Elisah Spencer.

"Elisah Spencer, 24, has been charged with attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs (disrupting live sporting events) for his attack on WWE wrestler Seth Rollins during the Raw television show Monday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, per the NYPD.

Per police, Rollins suffered swelling to his lip but refused medical attention. More coming to ESPN," tweeted Raimondi.

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